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So what does zingOn mean anyway?

You know that moment when you feel good about yourself? When everything seems to align perfectly inside and outside?

That’s a zingOn moment for me. It doesnt last, nothing really ever does.

But I believe with the full force of my heart and soul and mind that with each step toward your true core self you get more of these zingOn moments. 


This blog is about my own search and discovery of my own zingOn moments. 

#zingOn #diaries is my journey through:

  • Divorce and becoming emotionally independent
  • Raising boys in a shared common custody
  • Relationships – 
  • Moving on, dating, building and maintaining a relationship with a man that is not the father of my kids
  • Taking control over my finances and becoming financially intelligent, thus an independent woman/human


In other words #zingOn #diaries is about:

  •  getting clarity and acquiring simplicity of the chaotic mind
  •  understanding and managing emotions, 
  •  articulating true desires and achieving goals, 
  •  developing self discipline, 
  • exercising, balanced eating and sleeping well
  • building regular habits with compounded emotional, mental and financial results 
  • uncovering the soul and its longings 
  • living bravely and heart based
  • following passion and cultivating effort


Află idei pe care să le pui in practică ușor astfel încât să fii un pic mai bine decât ieri