BodyMindSoul Atomic bomb in my brain

29 January 2018

Its 7 am in the morning and I am up since 4,30.

I am in shock, my mind just experienced a complete stroke as I am reading Spartan Up by Joe Sena. It is unbelievable the frame of mind I had until now.

My world, my mental one, just expanded never to return again (I hope) to the idiotic small size I was accustomed to. My reference point changed regarding endurance, flexibility and strength for the body and mind.

I was complaining and wining that I felt tired and the kids were fighting. I felt stuck doing my 3 hours routine daily in the comfort and luxury of my well pampered life.

I am reading about people who were adrift at sea for 76 days with just a raft, of people cycling from Sweden to mount Everest. Then climb all the way to the top with no oxygen mask and no help from the sherpas. Then come back down and cycle all the way back to Sweden. And I wine and complain about getting stuck to do a 3 hour daily routine again with all the comfort and necessities ???

What a freaking pathetic princess. 

I was having my coffee out on the balcony in the midst of dawn, still dark outside and quite chilly, and I realized the potential out there. The possibilities. There are more people out there that have the same yearning for more.


I kept getting stuck on the idea that people don’t want to change, that people settle for little… but this is not true, there are people out there that want more….I am not alone..


Its so reassuring to read about amazing humans with inspiring mindsets who are opening my mind to the concept of grit, endurance and perseverance. 

Let me see if I can define grit: .. I cant. I have to go back and read it again.

Got it: grit is doing something unpleasant or painful over an extended period of time.

There. I was searching and wondering what do I need at this stage of following through with my routine: I need to develop grit.

To my defense, how would I have grit when I don’t even know the very word that describes it?

There, I just bought a whole book on grit. There are a couple more.

Its unbelievable of how one can say is bored, including myself. Reading these books lately opened my mind and my head about a million things and opportunities. There is no way in hell you can ever be unhappy or depressed. Not with so much information available. 

Pick a task and just do it. You will discover yourself in the process as a hero with a thousand faces, with powers and abilities you didn’t even begin to recognize you could ever have.

The little secret is not to stay in your head. Go out and just do it. Direct experience. 

Obstacle immunity or the art of struggling well, such good concepts. 

Regardless what you set out to do, once you get yourself to the starting line, it never goes according to plan. And that is the beauty of it. Otherwise it would be boring, knowing everything that is about to happen before. 

It’s the unknown that shapes you, gets you out of your comfort zone to your sweet spot. The spot where you become better than yourself where a whole new world emerges. Because when you get better at something, you become aware of something else. 

So whenever you are stuck, pick a task, any task: athletic, emotional, career, relationship and get to the starting line committed you will resolve it no matter what. Along the journey, things will unfold, concepts you don’t even know or grasp will get clear and  they will open up new paths and roads you literally had no idea existed. 

It is truly mind blowing. 

I feel an atomic bomb exploded in my brains. Can you tell?


Află idei pe care să le pui in practică ușor astfel încât să fii un pic mai bine decât ieri