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30 January 2018

Sri Lankaaaaa yeahhh!!

It helps. It helps to read what other people say about their own experiences. How to improve and how to break your limits. I must sound like a lunatic by the way … that’s the only thing I talk about…..improving, practicing, breaking my limits… 

I guess when you really want something, you become obsessed. That’s the only way you find solutions. 

After waking up at 4,30 am yesterday morning, two 5 hour flights and 2 hour taxi driving, I still did my gym and now I am writing. Planning to read at least 40 min. I am on track. Even though I did not sleep almost at all.

Today I pushed my boundaries when rope jumping, I could feel my heart racing, really out of breath, my stomach was sick, my legs were shaking and I could barely lift my arms because of all those shoulder reps. But it feels good …because…. I feel so proud and strong. Especially in my mind. 

I can honestly say I outgrew my plateau, me being stuck and really struggling.

On a another note…

Sri Lanka feels like a steam sauna. The air is hot but decent hot, common sense enjoyable hot. And even if the humidity kinda makes it hard to breath in the beginning, my hair absolutely loves it. I am so sexy and curly. Not me, my hair is. 

Its so fascinating to be conscious enough of your body so you can literally feel it adjusting from the freezing -2 to plus 28.

My feet were so spoiled today. We walked for more than an hour in the golden harsh sand of Beruwela. Or I could say I had the most vigorous foot massage from 10 hands all in the same time. 

Corals. Broken corals everywhere. And the sea, or the ocean (I still have to figure out which sea it is in the Indian ocean). So velvet soft. Cooling caresses. 

I get energized by the water, the mountains take my air away.




Află idei pe care să le pui in practică ușor astfel încât să fii un pic mai bine decât ieri