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15 January 2018

Sick and vulnerable. Did not cry for attention. Just accepting the one is coming towards me.

My head is itching probably from the sweat of working out daily, and I can’t.. actually I don’t want to get up and wash my hair. Nor do I want to take out the trash or bring my groceries from the car.

My lips are dry, my lungs are sore, and my whole body is fighting a cold and a cough. I dread colds. They make me feel so vulnerable and depressed and really blue and mean at times.

I did exaggerate this weekend, staying up late, going out to clubs, getting outside for a cigarette in my sandals and only with a fur over my lace, skin showing tops. Lots of wine and food late at night. (And I didn’t even had a great time, but am I really noticing that?)

I am drowning my thirst with tons of tea, and I am hoping an overdose of vitamin C and homeopathic medicine will keep this cold within normal limits….

but I have discovered that

If you really want to, you can have a blast while having the horrible flu. Your body can take anything, its your mind who needs to be convinced.

The congestion in my chest is much more pleasant if I drink hot pepper tea while reading a really good boo


k, cuddled in a warm blanket with a dehumidifier with eucalyptus scent next to my bed.  Plus it makes a purring, peaceful sound.The inhalation of this strong steam feels really good for my lungs and it’s a great excuse to use those face serums that I never got around to, since my face is all wet and buggery. 🤪


So, I get to catch up on my reading, I have a beauty face treatment, laugh and change outfits (because I am sweating so much)… an entire spa day, how does it get better than a cold??? 😏


Află idei pe care să le pui in practică ușor astfel încât să fii un pic mai bine decât ieri