BodyMind Lessons taught by a serious flu

19 January 2018

First and foremost your mindset is vital in recovery. If you keep wining and complaining that you are feeling low and sick, your body gets the message eventually. Your mood is horrible, and since mood or state is the key to do anything… the only thing that you want to do when your mood is horrible is probably lay in bed, be lazy about taking care of your weak body, get really bored, get more horrible, get more thoughts about how miserable you feel and of course you are not going to stop at this… you are going to make a drama about your entire life and take note of everything that is wrong with you and your universe.

Instead, you can use self irony to make fun of yourself when your buggers take control of you and start dripping on your chin without having any control (yah, gross, I know, but it really can be funny with the appropriate mindset). The minute you start wining and describe yourself as being sick, correct yourself, use softer words ..uhm, I am just having a really funny flu..

Keep your mind busy, I really like this sentence I read ‘an idle mind is the devil’s workshop’. Not just a sentence… so true… if you don’t take charge of your thoughts stream… they will go wild…. Why am I single at 40? My carrier is not where its suppose to be… I have such few people that I enjoy in my daily life… am I a weirdo? >>> see? crazy thoughts ….And on and on…

Channeling my mind into reading is the best thing I could do for my self since I was 5 years old. I still am lost and fascinated of new worlds and awesome people that live by their rules, incredible will power, perseverance and determination for a focused and meaningful life. Habits, deliberate practices and consistency create a strong mindset, to you use your brain, rather than to be used by it. 

I learned and I still practice to embrace the boredom to read, write and maybe watch inspiring documentaries or biographies. Same thing, in and out, daily.. it only takes about 3 hours to do so… but the compounding effect of this daily investment in my self is… well… peace, joy and a sense of meaning. I have no idea what will come out of this… right now I only worry about doing it everyday.

What a breakthrough to continue with my daily sport routine even while I had this flu… again.. your body can almost do anything…it s your mind that needs to be convinced. You don’t really feel congested when you are actually working out. Well, maybe if you try to jump rope… with your inflamed lungs… not a good  idea.. but there are a million ways you can move your body so you get that serotonin, blood flow and moving around the energy that will definitely improve your overall wellbeing. 

I know now that I am committed to exercising every day for the rest of my life.

how about you?


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