BodyMindSoul Self talk – self improving

18 February 2018

The one thing I learned about myself in Sri Lanka is that ruminating about what I am to do within the day it really tires me out and drains my energy. And even though the writing, exercising, recording and reading is probably taking me 4 hours tops to do it, it feels like I am overwhelmed. So what really works is to stop the constant worrying about what do I have to do, and be present in every moment with whatever I am doing. In other words, if I am having my coffee stop thinking about what I have to do. I very well know what needs to be done. So just enjoy the coffee. If I want to lay in the sun, just do that. No thoughts. No replaying when will I start exercising or when will I be reading. 

I noticed every mood I am in passes anyways, meaning I wont be able to lay in the sun for hours. I wont be eating for hours. I ll eventually want to change the energy. And working out it does come naturally because I will feel the energy of moving my body around. 

So the first thing is to really be present in every thing I am doing. It helps tremendously to actually enjoy the rest of my day, instead of feeling disconnected from whatever it is happening around me. Because I felt that in Sri Lanka: disconnected, not fully present and maximizing every new experience there. There were moments where I felt I didn’t get enough of Lakraj, of being with a wonderful man on an exotic island. I felt rushed at times, overwhelmed with things to do…

The second thing which is equally important is to not overdue these daily habits. Don’t read for hours. Read for one hour and then write down the learnings. Don’t take too many pictures. Take a few good shots with the best lighting and angle.

Don’t keep ruminating about what to write. Just start writing one page and make it a good one. Here I still need work. Deliberate practice is a concept I am grasping now. Take one piece of writing or swimming or exercise and improve it daily.  Don’t just write to get it done. Its not a good piece. Don’t exercise just to get it out of the way for the day. Improve one stroke, the burpee or the sprint.


Află idei pe care să le pui in practică ușor astfel încât să fii un pic mai bine decât ieri