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9 January 20180

Breaking your own will is the ultimate will power.

Breaking through old habits, when you think you cant or wont or why do it…

So freaking awesome!!!

When you are muscles burn and you feel like collapsing every-time you get out of bed and still you are doing your next workout, with your own forever demanding kids and people hungry for conversation… man, I feel so proud.

Its not important the what… it’s the just do the god damn thing.. the process of installing a new habit will determine the what. More specifically: install first the process of doing something and the results of that process will reveal themselves.

I do take videos everyday just for the sake of recording… I do read every day and I don’t know what will come out of all this reading, but I am sure I will know this after some time of constantly doing it. I do exercise every day even though I don’t necessarily need to for image reasons, I don’t know why, I am sure I will find out soon enough.

I said it yesterday, I will say it again:

It’s amazing what this mental rehearsal can do.. it gets your brain used to certain behaviors, so when you actually need them… they wont seem strange or weird. It does feel a bit awkward… but practice, practice, practice….its the mother of all skills.

Later edit: October 2019

I stuck to my reading and exercise routine for almost 2 years and here it is what came out of it: this blog you are reading today and it took me a looot to make it happen. What will come out of this blog…I don’t know yet, come back and read in about 2 years, I am sure I will have something  awesome to tell.

I saved a big lump of money because I learned to discipline myself with my spending habits; I learned this from all the books I forced myself to read even when I didn’t feel like reading. I can not tell you how good it feels to have this money on the side and and to have the knowledge I am free to do whatever I want if I want to. And if you don’t believe it, you go and save a big amount of money, and then tell me how it feels.

I took my photo and video skills to the next level, I actually signed up for more classes, still don’t know why I am doing this…but at least I have some great family and personal memories.

I am really toned and fit and I am not embarrassed to be in a bathing suit at 42, more than that I look and feel amazing.

So I stuck to these habits and learning to be self disciplined gave me a sense of control over my personal and financial life, not to mention over my emotions.

Please do try this at home.

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