Mind Mind, you don’t fool me all the time

22 January 2018

I don’t know why I have the feeling its so hard to keep up with the things I have decided I want to do, the things I have to do and then all the other things that need to be done but they weren’t scheduled (the whirlwind of the daily life).

I feel overwhelmed. Because I didn’t feel well, because I want to take the kids skiing for 2 or 3 days.

Maybe its because I just needed to take a mental break from all of this. 

Exercising wise I have missed 2 times after 15 days working out straight every single day. 

I have to remember to note the progress. Which I am making. I still keep up to the routine. I am struggling now, but its more mentally because physically I actually do it. 

And the relationship with the kids has improved!! I committed to keep calm and to act not react when they fight or misbehave. And I have been keeping calm and I did not react. 

There is my goddamn progress!!!! Why cant I see that, I have to write it to see it??? Yeaaah!! Keep score on a compelling score board! 

And this right now is fucking accountability!!! I kick my self in the ass and I am really worried and anxious which ruins the mood and the momentum!! 

Do I expect myself to have good content every single fucking day???Not fair!! – there are good and less good days, I am human.

Do I expect myself to write every single fucking day??? Absolutely!!! – the process is more important than the results sometimes.

Do I expect to feel great every time I exercise or I do what needs to be done??? I actually realize I do and it is wrong!!!

I just realized I don’t need to be all happy and hyped about doing what I need to do. And that doesn’t mean I failed.

Completely the opposite, doing what you need to do even if you don’t feel like it is major shi(f)t!!!!


Află idei pe care să le pui in practică ușor astfel încât să fii un pic mai bine decât ieri