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5 February 2018

It’s not about doing just what you love it’s about staying in love. 

That means consistency over time. 

Persevering in those bad days because these bad days will come. 

Resilience which is the ability to recover quickly from difficult conditions.

Perseverance in doing something despite difficulty or delay in success. 

And practicing your craft whatever that is.

So actually I’m really good in these bad days because I am recovering fast and I keep getting back to whatever it is I decided I wanted to do. So why the fuck the mood? Spartan up!

I don’t know how you guys are but when I travel I am easily distracted: amazing visual images, totally new unknown sense and tastes, a humid weather the feels funny to an Eastern girl. Sounds are louder because I don’t recognize them.. the voices, the birds, the people.


All of this either overwhelms me or exhilarates me or it takes me out of my comfort zone – especially dealing and connecting to people from different cultures.

Therefore it is a challenge to stick to my daily routine which includes a daily workout, my mental fitness, lots of reading, researching, writing and reflection. They all take time to be completed and the distraction and the learning of a new adventure also takes time: to grasp it, to breathe it, to internalize it.




Sometimes, the solution (really hard to put in practice) it’s to keep a steady focus to my personal current goal: keep my own commitments regardless of the distractions of a temporary different lifestyle (traveling for example). But then why travel if the commitments are more important? Talk about conflicting goals…


Află idei pe care să le pui in practică ușor astfel încât să fii un pic mai bine decât ieri