MindSoul Passion or persistance? 

17 January 2018

I thought it was my quest to follow my passion and to do something I love. Wrong. Its about loving what you do, while developing the habits to stick to it regardless your mood, so eventually you will produce at an elite level (whatever it is you do).

I always knew what I love to do, I just didn’t have the skills to do it persistently. 

I always knew I love to read, I never have done it consistently, unless a major drama happened and I needed to find answers. 

I always knew I wanted self mastery of my mindset, but I never put it in consistent and deliberate practice to actually make it happen. To have a practice of a few minutes daily to do just that. 

I didnt really push through my mental barriers so I can stick to writing (which I was always good at and I loved to do) or to continue my exercise routine even if I hit a plateau.

I always loved fidgeting with pics and video but I never took the time nor did I have the persistence to develop my inborn talent to a next level. 

Your passion will vanish without persistance. You cant call something passion if you do it only when you feel like it. Than you are just an amateur. And so was I. But I yearn for more.

Do you?


Află idei pe care să le pui in practică ușor astfel încât să fii un pic mai bine decât ieri