Mind The art of being bored

25 January 2018

How to be bored or space out from your reality: 

Well, first you need to be really willing to do it. If you are too present into what you are doing, you need to stop. Really gather your thoughts and from everything you can think of, choose carefully. Only think of what a drag it is to do anything. Imagine how tiring it will be the slightest move of your finger.

Imagine moving your body to pick up the phone for example while you keep telling yourself it will take a lot of energy. Try also adding the question ‘why do it?’, even better ‘whats the purpose?’. And then answer to yourself ‘it will not work anyway’.

You can see yourself talking on the phone, with your body slightly moving as the conversation progresses, nodding your head to what you hear, answer politely to the questions you are being asked.

Yeah, you are probably doing it right if you  feel frustration and annoyance. So you make a really fast decision to stay in the position you already are. Daydreaming. Not doing anyhting. Staying still. And bored. 

Then you need again that skill of choosing one stream of thought of the many that are flying around in your mind. So you are wondering if it’s a good idea to get together with a friend. Oh but wait.. you need to pick up the phone… and you already have that scene in your head… you know the drill.. getting up… tiring… maybe he/she wont answer.. whats the point…? So, yeah… better stay still.

Continue browsing your thoughts…Pick another one.. oh yeah.. I could watch a movie, something nice and light.. a comedy maybe.. .. oh but.. this is so superficial..  what will I be left out with from this experience..?  I mean.. life is passing you by.. there are so many things to do, to explore and to discover and you are going to watch something funny? I mean…whats the purpose? Why do anything, anyway? Why get up, get going and get creating?… 

And on.. and on.. and on… 

Are you good at being bored? I am excellent at it . 🙂

If you can realize that you are excellent at being bored… that means you know very well how to create and maintain a certain state (in this case- boredom). And if you can create and maintain boredom, you can create and maintain curiosity or sadness, joy or drive… any state you would like to have.. kinda cool huh?



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