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11 January 20180

It’s grueling and tough when you are adding new habits into your life. Really.

I have to consciously gear my will to keep up with the very few new things I imposed myself to do everyday. Actually, the hard part is to do it every day, regardless of my mood.

The funny thing is not that hard once you are doing it. Like now, the thought of writing was heavy….meah.. I don’t want to do it…what the heck am I gonna write again… now, even though I am writing bullshit… the very act of writing its ok. Actually, quite pleasant if I become aware of the warmth I feel around my waist as I am snuggled between pillows and comfy blankets on the ledge of my livingroom window. And with my big, thick grey sweater I feel like one of those models from the movies or shinny commercials sipping their teas while they browse some magazines. Yeah, I do kind of feel a bit glamorous with my red toe nails…… its kinda hot to look sexy while you are doing something intellectual.

Once you change your thoughts, your mood will change. I went from feeling grueling and tough to  pleasant and sexy. And it happened in a matter of a few minutes, while I wrote these words. The power of the thoughts, huh?

So, maybe it’s no big news, but it’s always the mind that makes things hard. So if the mind makes things hard or impossible or stuck, I think it would be kind of cool to fuck around with the mind and do it anyway… and then the mind can change its mind and think its easy or pleasant…no..? Just asking.

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