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10 March 2019

I am so fascinated about business now. So freaking awesome and unexpected from me. Unexpected because I never saw my self in this environment, I never identified with a business woman. And I didnt even want to in the beginning. I remember as a little girl all I ever wanted was to help people as a doctor and I wanted that perfect relationship and family. I never wanted an empire or huge amounts of money or fame or to build or invent something. 

I have to respect my true nature and my personality. Sure I can adjust, improve and replace certain aspects but whatever I do it has to fit me naturally. 

Business was not a good fit for me until now.

I felt I needed to understand the world, relationships and humans and most importantly myself.

I feel I am at a point where the natural step for my evolution is developing and manifesting also this business side of me.

And whatever I read (i am still at the collecting resources/info level, soon practice), so whatever I read clarifies even more what I know about humans and the human mind and emotions and how to handle all of it in order to improve.

It all makes sense, it all feels so right. Everything I learn is rearranging my whole head. 

I am simply loving it and I feel I am on the right path.

Once I decide I really want this business thing to happen in my life, the Universe and/or the Providence moves with me too. New clients are calling me.

Last night I decided I need out and social time. It just came to me with no effort. People call me. I simply just respond.

Things move as I move. Things happen as I happen. The more I improve my thinking, the more my life improves.

The more I observe my mindset in motion (when I actually think), the more I can replace, upgrade or change what doesn’t bring me good results or whatever its not supporting myself, my wellbeing and my goals. 

I am so proud and so happy to see so much progress in myself. I do see it, because I record it, I observe it, I measure it. I measure it with writing, i have a chart on my wall right in front of my bathroom, I am recording my thoughts and my thinking daily.

I rock!!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻


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