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A collection of articles about how to become a fulfilled woman, independent (and fit) within a harmonious relationship while being a good enough mother (and cool).


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You will have access to a library of information updated every week with ideas, suggestions and solutions inspired from the clasic wisdom and modern science as well as my own personal experience to put into practice this information about:

•      How to have peace, clarity and simplicity in a chaotic mind

•      How to understand, express and manage your emotions

•      How to generate your favorite states and emotions at will

•      How to articulate true desires and how to achieve goals

•      How to live bravely and heart based instead of “I should” and “I have to”

•      How to get things done also when you don’t feel like doing them

•      How to become self disciplined so you can have freedom

•      How to look the way you want to – because you have the knowledge about daily movement and how to balance your diet and sleep

•      How to build daily habits that have compounded mental, emotional and financial results




Find out ideas that you can easily put into practice so that you are a little better than yesterday