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3,500.00 lei


  • 18 one on one sessions – 3 on line sessions (50 min) monthly
  • 6 mini laser coaching (emergency/crisis 10 min phone call)
  • Email access for support between sessions
  • Resources and informations to support you during the program


6 months Coaching and Mentoring program

It s a soul program about the soul where you will learn information and ways about how to go through divorce with less pain.

We will discuss together the knowledge and the solutions inspired from the clasic wisdom and modern science on the following topics:

  • Signs it is not working: how do you know if the situation is temporary or if you are on the path of divorce?
  • Separation or divorce? Is separation a sign of divorce always?
  • Who wants to divorce? Are you leaving or you are the one who is being left?
  • Fear and the excuses: kids, family, loneliness, financial security and social status
  • Doubting about moving on or when you are not sure of what you believe and what to do
  • Physical separation and emotional distancing, understand them both and use them
  • The logistics of getting separated and what does this imply specifically
  • Emotions: yours, his, the children, family, friends and who has the priority
  • We got back together, is it for real?
  • Custody and divorce settlement, or when things start to look like a divorce
  • Negotiation and what you should really pay attention to
  • What, how and when you tell your kids
  • Final decision or not, how do you know its the right time
  • Friends or enemies, or what other possibilities are there?
  • Emotional support: individual therapy and/or together
  • Divorce, war or the love throughout the war
  • Redefining the relationship and the roles
  • Co parenting after divorce – because you will parent together for the rest of your life
  • Friends and relatives after divorce
  • Finding the self or yourself




Find out ideas that you can easily put into practice so that you are a little better than yesterday