CoursesMindSet #zingOn I am fit, Happy and Independent


3,500.00 lei


  • 18 one on one sessions – 3 on line sessions (50 min) monthly
  • 6 mini laser coaching (emergency/crisis 10 min phone call)
  • Email access for support between sessions
  • Resources and informations to support you during the program


6 months Coaching and Mentoring program

How is thinking the woman who has a heart-full relationship with the man who makes her happy, why does she get along so well with her children, how does she mange to have a 6-ish pack, how come she is the perfect cook and when does she have time to make money.

We will discuss together the knowledge and the solutions inspired from the clasic wisdom and modern science on the following topics:

  • Understand first how your brain works and optimize your mind
  • Chatting about emotions
  • The connection between brain, emotions, feelings – when we manage to be in our own way
  • Neutral thinking, what is this about?
  • What do you want and what do you need so you can have what you want
  • Where are you now and what are you doing to get what you want: dreams, goals and process
  • Mental attitudes: perseverance and patience, fragile or anti fragile?
  • Verbal diet and thoughts radar
  • Your daily routine, obsessions and/or rituals
  • Tell me who your friends are so I can tell you who you are
  • What are the roles you want to play and to what level?
  • What do you do first, and when do you do the rest?


Find out ideas that you can easily put into practice so that you are a little better than yesterday