CoursesStartOver #zingOn Reinvent Yourself


4,400.00 lei


  • 27 one on one sessions – 3 on line sessions (50 min) monthly
  • 9 mini laser coaching (emergency/crisis 10 min phone call)
  • Email access for support between sessions
  • Resources and informations to support you during the program



9 months Coaching and Mentoring Program

It’s a program about flourishing and becoming stronger, more beautiful and more fulfilled after divorce. Find out how to transform pain into joy and how to turn every loss and mistake into treasures advancing you to your own personal happiness.

  • We will discuss together the knowledge and the solutions inspired from the clasic wisdom and modern science on the following topics:
  • Why it didn’t work out and what to do with all the emotions from the past
  • Learning to recognize what you feel and how to release negative emotions
  • You and yourself – heal and transform old emotions into new dreams, make smart mistakes when you follow your heart
  • Calculating everything you have, what you are left with and what you don’t know yet that you have
  • What else you would need but you don’t know you need it
  • How to travel or date yourself – by yourself
  • Kids and their role in your life
  • The passion test: what dou you like to do and what do you do effortless?
  • Your career or you hobby – forgotten dreams or big lies
  • You and money: let’s talk.


Find out ideas that you can easily put into practice so that you are a little better than yesterday