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3,200.00 lei


  • 16 one on one sessions – 4 on line sessions (50 min) monthly
  • 2 mini laser coaching (emergency/crisis 10 min phone call)
  • Email access for support between sessions
  • Resources and informations to support you during the program


4 months Coaching and Mentoring program

Having a partner after divorce may be scary as you have no clue what to to do and how to relate to a relationship as a mother.

Ponder new questions you probably didn’t think of and learn different answers that will bring clarity and the outcomes you want as a woman also being a mother.

We will discuss together the knowledge and the solutions inspired from the clasic wisdom and modern science on the following topics:

  • How soon is too soon?
  • What does it mean to you a relationship with a man? What does it mean to you to be a mother
  • Mini love dictionary
  • Understand yourself: what are your needs in a relationship with a man? How do yo choose a man?
  • Understanding our children when being mothers, a bit of parenting.
  • Stages in dating
  • When is it ok to present it to the children?
  • How do you share yourself: when are you a mother and when are you a woman?
  • When is it official? And for how long?
  • When the father of your children is in a relationship, your partner, your ex and the dictionary of a mixt family
  • What else is there beyond him and your children?


Find out ideas that you can easily put into practice so that you are a little better than yesterday