Soul 2028: Meet me in 10 Years, day 1

19 February 2018

‘If you dont know where you are going, any road will take you there.

so, its better to plan, to dream. and here is my way of doing it. What is yours?


I probably live somewhere by the beach, somewhere closer to the kids college if they are to go to LA. It’s a house right by beautiful, calm and opened space beach. There are not so many houses, but enough to be a community. I have all the comfort and the appliances that will make my daily life easier. Its big enough so I can have guests staying over. 

I know the neighbors, it is a really nice community, and city or a more developed village is within the hour so I can have access to all the trivia things like a mall or library or something. 

I live with a wonderful partner that adores me and that I cherish so much. I know the story about this part, as I have written about him and us. Surprisingly, I feel its not that important that it’s a huge mansion, more importantly I do want us to be able to pick up and go and travel anywhere without the burden of calculating if we have enough finances to do so.

I really would like my parents to be around in 10 years, and also living closer so we can nag at each other and enjoy meals and times together. 

I have a really comfortable and big office room, where I still read and write and I have coaching sessions one on one by phone or skype or whatever it will be available in 10 years. 

I still see myself waking up early in the morning, having coffee with my loved one, swimming in open water, coming back to do work like research, write, coach. Than around 1 or 2 having juicy fruits and then a siesta and hugs. 

Than later in the afternoon, either logistical stuff for the daily life or the daily business. 

I think I would want to have a local business like studio or a shop or something that probably my partner would be involved as well that would give us purpose and partially sustain our life style. 

I want him present, not gone for long business meetings and flights. I like having my man around me, while I do my stuff and he does his.

I travel often to visit my kids and be of support to whatever they might be going through. I am having such a close and open heart relationship with my sweet Noah and kind Jesse. (tears)

I travel or I am at home with friends like Alexandra hopefully. We have couples we do dinners with and interact in supportive ways.

I am very sportsy at 50 so we do lots of walks, yoga, still training my body with whatever I will discover by then. 

I am involved in some type of cause, one that it is not very clear to me now. It has to do with nature since I enjoy it this much or with humans and how they can celebrate themselves and the world we live in. 

letter from my future self


Află idei pe care să le pui in practică ușor astfel încât să fii un pic mai bine decât ieri