Soul Opera or night clubs? Or both?

13 January 20180

Do you know those mind games when you have to spot the differences between 2 almost identical pictures? Don’t know why, but I always liked them, they were challenging and a bit of fun. I guess it’s improving the ability to focus on the details while keeping the big picture in mind… An ability which if used consciously could bring juicy rewards.. anyway that’s another story..

So it got me thinking…what are the differences between these 2 scenarios: opera and night clubbing.

They both happen in a big hall with dimmed lights, where they are lots of people. Music is loud.

The opera doesn’t involve alcohol so there is clarity of the mind and a sharpness of the senses. The focus of the crowd is on the performers not on themselves.


The night clubs exist to sell alcohol and most of the clubbers are usually drinking more or less, thus hazy thoughts and states.


There is no movement at the opera, no movement of the self.. whereas in the nightclubs people always move around and dance.

You can’t really connect or talk to another person during an opera performance so all the reactions to what is happening you keep it to yourself. Same goes with all the thoughts and mind drifts… you keep them to yourself. But nevertheless you can still hear your thoughts… unless you can really focus on just the music.. does anyone really can do that for a full hour..? I cant.

Because of the whole context, the opera actually provides a space where you can explore your thoughts and reactions/feelings.. so you get to touch on some of those soul needs…sort of….maybe. why do people go to the opera anyway? In the past it was a form of entertainment, when the tv and movieplex cinemas didn’t exist, why do people still go now? I know I go because I like the whole elegance and classiness of the place and the people there, I find the music soothing (some of it, some really scratches my ears), and even if the music is loud there is a serene silence. Probably in my head.

The night club scene can offer instant gratification that comes from food, drinks and the pleasure you get from other people -validation, recognition, appreciation, sexual desire.. it’s about more basic needs of any given human being.

Who’s to say which one is better? There is no good or bad choices of how one chooses to spend his leisure time. There are just choices based on personal preference and need at any given moment in your life.

The reason I was wondering about this 2 different scenarios is the fact that I caught myself being disappointed at times with both the opera and the night club. You make decisions about where to go usually being on automated pilot, because of your friends or out of habit, it’s just what you do on a night out.

If you take a moment to check in within yourself to see what you are called to do, how do you actually want to spend your free time, you might save yourself the disappointment of not getting that feeling you are after. And not only that, but how you choose to spend your time says a lot about who you are, what is important to you or what you are really after. Just saying.

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