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#zingOn #diaries is about my own search and discovery and self- discovery. I write about my own challenges and how do I manage to get through – maybe it helps and guides you, maybe it inspires you in your own journey.

  • getting clarity and acquiring simplicity of the chaotic mind
  • understanding, expressing and managing emotions,
  • articulating true desires and achieving goals,
  • uncovering the soul and its longings
  • living bravely and heart based
  • following passion and cultivating effort
  • developing self discipline,
  • exercising, balanced eating and sleeping well
  • building regular habits with compounded emotional, mental and financial results


So what does zingOn mean anyway?

You know that moment when you feel good about yourself? When everything seems to align perfectly inside and outside?

Or when you connect to your better self, the most beautiful part of yourself?

That’s a zingOn moment for me.


It doesn’t last, nothing does.

But I believe with the full force of my heart and soul and mind that with each step toward your true core self you get more of these zingOn moments.

18 February 2018

The one thing I learned about myself in Sri Lanka is that ruminating about what I am to do within the day it really tires me out and drains my energy. And even though the writing, exercising, recording and reading is probably taking me 4 hours tops to do it, it feels like I am...

9 February 2018

  I don’t have control over the events but I do have control of how I react to these events. Nowadays while I’m traveling and I’m struggling to keep up with all the things that I really want to do daily it occurred to me that I really have to pay attention to the things...


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