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Little joys.. big treasure

January 24, 2018

I truly feel blessed. I think I wrote this already. But I want to write it again.

I truly feel blessed. I am well taken care of. Spoiled and pampered. From everyone close to me.

There is no chance in hell or in heaven you will be left out of choices if your true desire is to find choices. Desire and relentlessness will always get you something. It may not be what you think you wanted, but far greater. I live with the permanent feeling that things are supposed to be the way they are. There is no hassle if I cant find the hotel I want or if someone is ditching the plans we made together. I simply and utterly believe that this is how things are supposed to be and they are arranging themselves so I can be pampered, strong, independent and happy. 

I may not have yet my wildest dream accomplished, and I have to be honest sometimes its really aching that I don’t, but somehow I know (have no clue how, but I do) that I am gonna have it and until then I will keep growing and learning and having great experiences. 

What a journey these last 3 weeks have been… what an amazing experience to break my mental barriers, to create and install these new habits.. day in and day out. I swear, something broke in me, only to be stronger. Physically I feel stronger. Mentally I fell clearer. Emotionally more driven.

Endurance, flexibility and strength. Both for the mind and body. 

Emotionally i am fuller. 

Its amazing how I can fall so deep and spiral down sometimes, and its amazing how quick I recover. And all of this in 3 weeks!!! Absolutely fantastic how little habits shape your life!!!

What you reap, you saw. So true. So great.

The house is kinda of a mess, it’s the 24 th of January and we still have the Christmas tree and the lights… there is laundry to be washed, dust to clean, dishes to wash, lego and drones everywhere.. but time stood still this morning. 

The sun rising, the quiet warm morning, the sweetest cuddles with my son, with precious Noah, laughing and giggling with my wonder boy Jesse… pictures and silly talks. Connectedness, warmth and joy. 

Everything else can wait. Dishes, laundry, homework. The chaos of a life lived. 

This is what I live for. Harmony from the inside out. 

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