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Sweet pain, I need you

February 15, 2019

Time waster: talking on the phone.  Solution: turning my phone on silent when I engage in the activities I practice. So this writing thing so far is more like journaling. It does help to dump all the anxiety.  Solution: start my day with the follow up voice recordings. To remember what my perception of my […]

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Little joys.. big treasure

January 24, 2018

I truly feel blessed. I think I wrote this already. But I want to write it again. I truly feel blessed. I am well taken care of. Spoiled and pampered. From everyone close to me. There is no chance in hell or in heaven you will be left out of choices if your true desire […]

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What happens if you stick to it

January 9, 2018

Breaking your own will is the ultimate will power. Breaking through old habits, when you think you cant or wont or why do it… So freaking awesome!!! When you are muscles burn and you feel like collapsing every-time you get out of bed and still you are doing your next workout, with your own forever […]

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